San Miguel – PROJECTS

Construction for Activities in San Miguel

The aquaponics project needs:

1. A hangar to protect the plane, with an roof extension to protect the aquaponics project;

2. A place for fish water tanks;

3. PVC beds and pipes for vegetable farming;

4. A metal and fiberglass roof to protect aquaponic beds;

5. A place for raising rabbits on the hill near the water;

6. A house to allow Father Jeffry to live on the islands; and

7. A multi-purpose classroom for events, including

      a. Aquaponics lessons;

      b. A kitchen to teach women the preservation process for what the women have grown;

      c. A place for weddings, parties, etc.; and

      d. A nursery with toys for children and babies for when their mothers are at work.

This is the road that must be followed at low tide. It is an impossible task for the elderly and disabled, so aviation is necessary.