La Guajira – PROJECTS

The Immediate Need of the Wayúu People: FOOD!

This is unacceptable. We must do something!

In process now:
Classes in Aquaponics for Wayúu Leaders

Women Here and Now has organized an aquaponics course for the Wayúu in Santa Verónica, Atlántico, Colombia. This is important because aquaponics and hydroponics can touch the roots of the food problems of the region, namely malnutrition and hunger that predominate in La Guajira area of Colombia. These sad realities also extend to Venezuela, where conditions are aggravated due to the social turmoil that exists there at this time. Our goal is to see our project of developing aquaponics and hydroponics spread throughout the various Wayúu clans of Colombia and Venezuela. Classes began November 3, 2019.