La Esmeralda – PROJECTS

These projects
are needed for the people of
La Esmeralda!

Gyrocopter Runway:

To solve transport problems, it is necessary to build a gyrocopter runway. You don’t need more than the length of one soccer field. Line 3 in the photo shows the place where the people of La Esmeralda suggest that a gyrocopter runway be built.

In process now:
Cell Phone Tower

It is obvious that a cell phone signal is necessary when the San Miguel Health Center had to contact the La Esmeralda Health Center through third parties because they could not speak by phone about a health crisis.

Letter to the General Administrator of the Public Services Authority requesting cell phone service for the isolated inhabitants of the Pearl Islands, dated May 27, 2019.

In English it says:

“Dear Mr. Roberto Meana Melendez,

“As the responsible persons in the Pearl Archipelago, we are writing to inform you that we lack telephone services in the southern part of the King’s Island. The affected communities are, according to the 2010 census, La Esmeralda that has 524 people, La Guinea 83, La Ensenada 94, which comes to 701 total.

“Isolated life is difficult, but being denied basic services is unacceptable in modern times. We urgently need a telephone line to get in touch with our families, for medical emergencies, to talk to hospitals, and for business matters.

“We need to be able to connect to the Internet, in order to launch our project of a computer room for the education of our children, to look for jobs in other places. Living without the Internet costs us a lot of money, reduces opportunities, and lowers the quality of life. We have only one public telephone that is not always working. Occasionally there is limited coverage in the hills that receive weak signals if you walk a couple of kilometers away from La Esmeralda.

“With this letter we ask that the Public Service Authority, with the principles of the “Universal Telephone Service”, use its power to build an antenna site [cell phone tower] that would provide coverage to the region. With the arrival of 5G in the near future, our participation in the general community is of the utmost importance. Communications are essential for the development of any community.

“We know the Women Here and Now Foundation and recognize in it a valid organization that conduct projects that improve our quality of life. (

“Signed by
Rosa Eneida Olivardía, Representative of La Esmeralda
José Lasprilla, Mayor of the District of Balboa
Padre Jeffry Moore, President of Women Here and Now”

This is the published law on Universal Telephone Service:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sd_5db9be183ee35.png

In English, the law states:
“The Advisory Board will specifically determine the Universal Service and Access projects that will be executed in each period, on its own initiative, by the Secretariat of the Presidency for Government Innovation or the companies defining the type of service, the location, the amounts to be invested and the Fund to which its costs will be charged, requesting its execution from the corresponding company or the Secretariat.
“These projects are likely to be financed by each Fund, which are aimed at:

  1. Provide public telephone service, Internet access and others that are required to meet the needs in areas of social interest.
  2. Offer educational services and access or dissemination of knowledge, in relation to the Service and Universal Access.
    3. Create or strengthen community information centers that provide Internet access services.
    4. Promote information technology and communications services for people with disabilities, linguistic or ethnic minorities, older adults and communities in a critical state of exclusion or disadvantage.
    5. Provide promotion and training services for users to make frequent and appropriate uses of the technologies and benefits associated with Access and Universal Service.

Here are two of the four markers for the cell phone tower that were installed 10 YEARS AGO! The community was very interested in showing Father Jeffry the site for the cell phone tower.

Immediate Objective: Purchase of
4 LifeStraw Community Water Purifiers


Our immediate objective is to finance the purchase of 4 more LifeStraw Community
water purifiers for the community of La Esmeralda.
Cost per water purifier: $375 + about $50 charge for shipping
from the United States to Central America.

Features of the LifeStraw Community water purifier:
* Advanced purification technology removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, and microplastics
* High capacity: holds 13 gallons (50 liters) at once, ultra-durable for harsh conditions
* Lifetime of 26,000 gallons, enough for 100 people for 3-5 years
* Rigorous, independent testing with WHO, US EPA, NSF, and ASTM protocols
* This product gives back: one product, one school child, one year of clean water

Future Objective: Repairs and Improvements Needed for the Health Center

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