Covid-19 Pandemic, May 8-9, 2020: Women Here and Now Gives Emergency Food Supplies to 65 Families in Alta Guajira, Colombia

May 8-9, 2020: In cooperation with Señor Ángel and Señora Maura, the foundation Women Here and Now (Mujeres Aquí y Ahora) distributed emergency food supplies in two areas of Alta Guajira, Colombia: Cabo de la Vela and another town on the other side of La Guajira. Both of these places are in Alta Guajira, the northernmost portion of La Guajira, the region most isolated and desperate for food. Using funds from the foundation, Señor Ángel and Señora Maura bought fish from fishermen who could not sell them locally because of the pandemic quarantine, as well as other needed food supplies. Then they distributed the much needed fish and groceries to 65 families! Purchasing the fish from the Wayúu fisherman was good for the local economy and for the indigenous Wayúu people. Many thanks to Ángel and Maura for their valuable collaboration in this mission!

Señor Ángel and Señora Maura distributed emergency supplies to the people
of Alta Guajira, Colombia, in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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