Emergency Food Relief to the Pearl Islands during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Pearl Islands, Panamá – March 27, 2020 – On Friday, Women Here and Now (Mujeres Aqui y Ahora) sponsored and transported emergency food supplies from the Rio Hato Airport to the runway at St. Miguel on the island of Isla del Rey. The food was delivered in bags to 25 families who were identified by the doctor as the most needy in the village of San Miguel.

Father Jeffry Moore and pilot Daniel Jaramillo Salazar transported the bags of groceries aboard the plane.

The people were relieved and grateful for the food, and the doctor expressed his thanks to Fr. Jeffry Moore for the help of his organization. The project was conducted according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and with the assistance of the Aeronaval.  

Additional missions to help villagers on the other islands are planned. If you can help us to buy more food and pay for plane fuel, please donate on our home page. We appreciate whatever help you can give us! God bless you!

God bless the people of the Pearl Islands!

Soldiers from the Aeronaval met the plane, and then the food was distributed to residents of San Miguel.

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