MAYA Extends Humanitarian Aid as People of the Pearl Islands Battle Health Crises

In response to two letters received from the Health Center earlier this month, Father Jeffry Moore first brought water, Pampers disposable diapers, and formula for a 17-year-old mother in La Esmeralda who asked for them,so that her baby wouldn’t get sick. At that time, the inhabitants of La Esmeralda were suffering a village-wide outbreak of diarrhea, apparently from a contaminated water supply. Father Jeffry then wrote to an official who could help with the problem. Since then the affected villagers have been moved to another area for treatment, and all PVC water tubing has been replaced.

The second letter requesting help was answered when pilots Father Jeffry and Daniel Jaramillo-Salazar flew the young boy aboard Father Jeffry’s plane to the hospital in Panama in order for the boy to receive his eye operation. There was no other way for him to have made it in time. If they hadn’t flown him by plane, he would have missed his operation completely. Thanks be to God, he made it!

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